Free Stuff and Discounts for Healthcare Workers

Free Stuff and Discounts for Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers are called essential workers for a reason – they are the ones who care for sick and injured people every single day. And during this whole COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers risked their lives by coming to work every day to treat people infected with this deadly virus. That is the true definition of courage.

Freebies for healthcare workers were created as a way to give back to these essential workers who’ve done so much for all of us. After all, healthcare workers are still struggling along with the rest of us. They need assistance with their daily responsibilities and necessities, such as food, clothing, and rent.

Many corporations and individuals have set up giveaway programs for healthcare workers. If you are a healthcare worker, you are entitled to receive all of the giveaways for healthcare workers available in your community.

Below are some of the free stuffs and discounts for healthcare workers.

  • Mask Match is a peer-to-peer platform helping people with spare N95 masks send them directly to healthcare workers on the front lines who need them. Learn more
  • COVID-19 Frontliners can get free EarSavers. Not only are the Ear Savers free, but Glowforge will also pay for expedited freight shipping so you don’t pay anything at all. Learn more
  • MasksOn.org provides Emergency Use face shields for medical purposes free-of-charge to clinicians who are concerned they may run out of FDA cleared PPE. Learn more
  • Preppi is giving away free air respirator masks to those in need whenever unexpected situations like COVID-19 arise. Learn more
  • MI Mask Aid (Michigan, USA) – Millions of free masks are being provided to Michigan residents who are most vulnerable to COVID-19 through a partnership involving MDHHS, Ford Motor Company, General Motors and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Learn more
  • SOS Supplies is a non-profit project aimed at connecting charities and organisations in need of protective equipment with suppliers who can offer stock at a fair price in the UK. Learn more
  • Emma’s Frontline Worker Discount Program
    Emma Sleep is offering an additional 10% discount off any order for healthcare workers, first responders, warehouse workers, transportation workers, and grocery store workers! Learn more
  • Free Pair of Crocs – Crocs is giving free pairs of Crocs shoes globally to first responder healthcare workers of COVID-19. Learn more
  • TouchTool Sample Request (USA). The TouchTool is a small and compact tool that helps the user limit contact with surfaces that have a lot of germs. You can get a free sample just by filling out the form in the link. Learn more
  • NOBULL is giving discounted button headbands and general discounts to communities being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more
  • As a token of gratitude, Puffy is giving free pillow plus $375 off to all healthcare professionals to enjoy better sleep. Learn more
  • Bluestream is providing a free 60-day trial, HIPAA-compliant Virtual Care Solution to help care providers work with patients that are impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. Learn more
  • Cureatr is offering their Meds 360° software and our clinical telepharmacy services for free. Meds 360° fills the gaps in patient medication history to help clinicians understand what patients have been prescribed and what they’ve picked up in order to reduce errors and predict issues for improved clinical and financial outcomes. Learn more
  • Pro Teeth Guard is providing free $100 Store Credit for Frontline Workers. Pro Teeth Guard is a dentist quality dental night guards for teeth grinding. Learn more
  • Nursing Books – Amazon is offering a selection of free Kindle books for nurses. Learn more
  • IntelyCare’s COVID-19 Nurse Training Certification covers the top safety practices for caring for patients with COVID-19 with our interactive nursing course. Upon completion, each person will receive one free contact hour, along with a personalized COVID-19 certification. IntelyCare’s training is 100% Free. Learn more
  • Incredible Health is giving free continuing education for nurses in the US! Learn more
  • Free Speeko Healthcare Professional membership. Speeko membership to healthcare and public health professionals on the frontline. They have a list of resources for guidance on patient-centered communication during this time. Learn more
  • Achieve Test Prep is giving a FREE virtual online nursing class: “Introduction to Fundamentals of Nursing” with a live instructor, so you can experience firsthand just how much better they are than a typical ‘online class’, where you’ll get to experience how the virtual classes function as well as learn real content such as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a Care plan, experience our biodigital human, or discuss different forms of angina. Learn more
  • Orbit CME helps doctors, NPs, PAs, and RNs focus on their most complex patients while letting the Orbit plugin take care of their CME and CE. Orbut CME is offering free $100 credit to any plan in Orbit CME! Learn more
  • Get a free 30-Day free trial in SMACNE – a powerful all in one solution to eliminate acne from every source possible. You can trial the products and if you’re not loving your experience you can cancel at any time during your free trial. Learn more
  • Playa Beauty gives 50% discount to Healthcare Workers of the COVID-19 pandemic on their restorative and no-fuss haircare products – Everyday Shampoo & Supernatural Conditioner and New Day Mist spray. Learn more
  • Frontline Workers can get 50% discount in Rightful For Pain & Recovery – a doctor-formulated, science-backed, and plant-based. The unique AM and PM formulas are crafted with 8 herbs and adaptogens combined in the highest doses on the market to support your body when and how it needs it most, 24/7. Learn more

All free stuff for healthcare workers are not considered to be handouts. They express gratitude from the communities in which healthcare workers serve every day in this country. Feel free to accept these giveaways as a healthcare worker for your courage and dedication to the public’s health.

There are so many different types of essential free stuff offered to healthcare workers. You can find discounts on food, work clothes, housing, childcare, pet care, transportation, mental health and medical ware. Some well-established restaurants and cafes offer similar discounts as well.

We know you didn’t become a healthcare worker because you wanted to be privileged. You became a healthcare worker so that the rest of us could have the privilege of staying alive. No number of freebies can ever make up for that.

6 comments on “Free Stuff and Discounts for Healthcare Workers”

It’s inspiring to see businesses stepping up to support healthcare workers with complimentary services and products. It not only shows appreciation but also fosters a sense of unity and care within our communities.

The initiatives mentioned, providing free services and products to healthcare workers, exemplify the spirit of community and solidarity during challenging times.

It’s heartwarming to see businesses offering freebies as a token of appreciation for our hardworking healthcare professionals. They truly deserve all the support and gratitude!

They truly deserve all the support!

As a healthcare worker myself, it’s incredibly uplifting to see the outpouring of generosity from various companies offering free items. It makes all the long hours and sacrifices feel valued.

I applaud the companies mentioned in this article for recognizing the dedication of healthcare workers and offering them freebies. It’s gestures like these that make a significant difference.

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