$1000 Garden Makeover Giveaway

$1000 Garden Makeover Giveaway
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Enter for a chance to win Garden Makeover with Flowerbulbs! ($1000 Value)!

Within the flower, bulb is just about everything the plant will need to sprout and flower at the appropriate time. Split a flower bulb in half and you will see this clearly. In the centre of the basal part of the flower, bulb are the leaves, cradling a baby bud. In many species, this bud already has the appearance of a flower while still inside the flower bulb! Surrounding the bud are fleshy white layers known as “scales”. In true bulbs, it is these scales that contain all the food the flower bulb will need to flower and thrive.

  • Ends December 15, 2021
  • Open to Canada, USA
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