4 Board Games Giveaway

4 Board Games Giveaway
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Enter to win 4 great games! Includes In the Hall of the Mountain King and Fall of the Mountain King by Burnt Island Games, Vault Wars by Floodgate Games, and Fidelitas by Green Couch Games.

To celebrate our Winter 2024 issue of Casual Game Insider, we are giving away four great games worth a total of $140! Enter now for a chance to win.

In the Hall of the Mountain King (Burnt Island Games) — Unearth riches, rebuild your kingdom, and strategically navigate tunnels in this competitive board game where trolls use muscle, magic, and a cascading production system to restore their abandoned mountain kingdom and vie for the crown.

Fall of the Mountain King (Burnt Island Games) — Fight for survival against a relentless gnome invasion this standalone prequel, where trolls must sharpen blades, raise hammers, and build their ancestry to become trolldom’s greatest defenders in a catastrophic war for their ancestral caverns.

Vault Wars (Floodgate Games) — Enter the intense world of bidding and bluffing where players vie for the contents of fallen heroes’ vaults, strategically acquiring valuable items, outwitting opponents, and aiming for victory with the most points in this fast-paced game.

Fidelitas (Green Couch Games) — Navigate a medieval city, strategically deploying character cards with unique actions as players compete for influence, complete hidden objectives, and strive to lead the charge against the corrupt crown to win the game.

  • Ends March 23, 2024
  • Open to USA
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