$6000 DarkViperAU’s Giveaway

$6000 DarkViperAU’s Giveaway
This Giveaway has Ended. See Other Giveaways Below.

I was recently critizied for poorly using my money, so I have decided to use it in the best way possible… giving it to you guys! I will draw 2 winners to give $3000. This is USD but it will be converted into your chosen currency.

The money will be sent preferably via Paypal, but I will organize it with the winner via whatever means necessary due to the large amount. Payoneer perhaps. You will be contacted via email, and social media like Twitter. I will track you down based on the info you give basically.
Winner will be announced via similar methods.

  • Ends April 30, 2024
  • Open to Worldwide
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