Amazon Echo Show 5 Speaker Giveaway

Amazon Echo Show 5 Speaker Giveaway
This Giveaway has Ended. See Other Giveaways Below.

Hello and welcome to the ShadowsDenUK Giveaway! The shadows den are 3 streamers on one channel! The ShadowsDenUK are giving away an Amazon Echo show 5 to give back to the community and help meet new people across multiple platforms.

The draw will conclude on the 25th June 2021 8pm(BST) and the winner will be shared on all our platforms and live on stream!

The methods that you can complete will ensure you have an increased chance of winning the giveaway, certain methods earn more tickets. Do not follow then Un-follow as this will not work. If you remain followed and subscribed after this giveaway you will receive extra tickers on next giveaway. If you have already followed prior to this giveaway, when you click on method, your tickets will automatically be added.

The winner will receive the prize within 2 weeks of announcement (depending on how quick they share information). Analytics and data will be collected to also see how many people are in channels, supporting and chatting, this will increase chance of winning!

  • Ends May 26, 2021
  • Open to Worldwide
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