Damascus Kitchen Knife Set Giveaway

Damascus Kitchen Knife Set Giveaway
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We all want to own something that is unique, special, and offers utility in our lives and for future generations. Imagine the memories you’ll create as you prepare special meals for all your family and friends with this custom set of kitchen knives.

An outgrowth of laminated or piled steel, a similar technique used to combine steels of different carbon contents, providing the desired mix of hardness and toughness. This laminating process, in which different types of steel together produce patterns that can be seen in the surface of the finished blade, forms the basis for pattern welding. There is a VG-10 steel core forged with 33 layers of Damascus steel on either side. The steel is laminated in the mold which layers of steel and steel core are sandwiched together. After more than one thousand degrees high-temperature heat treatment and minus 100 degrees ice forging process. Make it looks exotic and downright gorgeous. Damascus steel knives are stronger than their historic counterpart, as they contain fewer impurities and are made with homogenous layers. The blade edge can reach to HRC 60┬▒2 (Rockwell Hardness Scale).

Contest Ends On April July 24th And Winners Will Be Announced Via Email.

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