Faraday Dry Duffel Bag Giveaway

Faraday Dry Duffel Bag Giveaway
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Win a Faraday Duffel Bag from Disaster Preparer during Thanksgiving 2022! Sharing this giveaway will get you more entries, as well as the other activities listed upon entry.

This waterproof, 55-liter duffel bag is built with special shielding material that cuts off all radio frequency signals and electromagnetic waves over a wide spectrum. This makes anything in the bag protected from hacking or tracking, which is especially helpful during travel, commuting, or whenever you need a low profile. The large size of the bag makes it ideal for safely carrying a lot of equipment, or packing in other things alongside your electronics!

  • Ends November 22, 2022
  • Open to Canada, USA
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