Kyvol Epichef AF60 Air Fryer Giveaway

Kyvol Epichef AF60 Air Fryer Giveaway
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Today we are giving away one Kyvol Air Fryer! We love air fryers because they cook foods like a deep fryer… without the oil! Air fryers have a fan inside of them that pulls in hot air and cooks your food to a perfect crisp, with no oil.

Kyvol Air Fryer:
– Even Cooking: Kyvol AF60 cooks with halogen light&air. The heaters produce intense heat in form of light wave deeply penetrates into foods, meanwhile achieves the desired browning by 360° hot air circulation

– Healthier Frying: Kyvol airfryer makes healthy fried foods a reality. Brings foods crispy and rich flavor without the oil, grease and mess. Cuts 85% calories and fat also reduces harmful effects of oil frying

– Safe & Durable: the nano-scale ceramic coating is Teflon, BPA free and makes basket and crisper plate shiny forever. Nonstick accessories can be easily clean up, no ingredients sticking or residue

– Smart Operation: selection at a touch on LED digital screen and rotate the control knob, your happy cooking get started easily with no hassle

– Versatility: you may air fry, bake, grill, roast, dehydrate, reheat and see the whole process clearly through the transparent window, all your cooking choices are available in 1 appliance

  • Ends August 02, 2021
  • Open to Canada, USA
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