Men Wetsuit Giveaway

Men Wetsuit Giveaway
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Enter for a chance to win a Men’s Surfing (3/2mm or 4/3mm) Wetsuit!

We made it our mission to design a WARM, STRETCHY, and DURABLE surfing wetsuit for the lowest price point possible. The warmer your wetsuit is, the longer you can stay out surfing. A stretchy wetsuit won’t tire out your arms as quickly as stiff neoprene. And who wants to replace their wetsuit every season? We think wetsuits should last for years, even if you surf every day like Stevie does. This is probably the most important factor for the warmth of a wetsuit. The cheapest wetsuits use Flatlock stitching, and high end wetsuits use Blind stitching. It is much cheaper to manufacture wetsuits with Flatlock stitching, but this process creates more holes in the wet suit, which means more cold water will leak in. Blind stitching is more expensive, but creates less holes, which makes a HUGE difference in the warmth of the wetsuit. Our fullsuits use Blind stitching top to bottom. Then we glue the seams and put neoprene tape over them, to make an extremely watertight seal. This is called GBS seams (Glued and Blind Stitched), and you typically won’t find that on wetsuits for our price point.

  • Ends November 30, 2022
  • Open to Canada, USA
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