Nitro Deck Retro Nostalgia Giveaway

Nitro Deck Retro Nostalgia Giveaway
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In celebration of the launch of the Nitro Deck Retro additions to the Nostalgia collection, we’re giving away one of each of the Retro Pink, Pal Grey, and Retro Blue Nitro Decks!

The Nitro Deck handheld deck delivers zero stick drift and precise control, enhancing your gaming experience on Nintendo Switch. Designed for long gaming sessions, the Nitro Deck offers comfort and speed, with hall effect thumbsticks and re-mappable back buttons. Use the Nitro Deck as a wireless Nintendo Switch controller or as an extra controller for multiplayer games, thanks to its gyro compatibility and rumble support.

  • Ends March 06, 2024
  • Open to Worldwide
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