Ortur Laser Master Engraver 2 Pro Giveaway

Ortur Laser Master Engraver 2 Pro Giveaway
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We’ve partnered with Made the Best to giveaway my top recommendation for a budget diode laser engraver. Enter to win the Ortur Laser Master Engraver 2 Pro!

Ortur is a high-tech manufacturer focus on developing diode laser engravers founded by a group of passionate engineers. We love to discover the unknown and try to develop our products to the next level with vitality and creativity.

Ortur is committed to expanding the use boundary of diode laser engravers and exploring more application scenarios of diode laser.

Using a 32-bit 128K large memory chip, while the competing product uses an 8-bit chip, the Ortur engraving speed is 1-3 times higher than the competing product; It has been officially recognized by LaserGRBL and LightBurn, and has formed a strategic alliance. The Ortur brand laser engraving machine is officially recommended. The most popular engraving software, LaserGRBL, reduces after-sales problems caused by usage habits; at the same time, LightBurn (paid software) can also be used. LightBurn is currently the highest paid laser engraving software with the highest market share. It is very smart and basically does not need to set up the machine Parameters, support Windows, MAC, Linux three systems;

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