Polyend Tracker Giveaway

Polyend Tracker Giveaway
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We’ve teamed up with VCO, the official distributor of Polyend, to give away a Polyend Tracker + case bundle!

Polyend takes the concept of a tracker-style sequencing into a whole new realm with Tracker, a hardware tracker and sampler. It’s perfect for that classic tracker workflow and adds a whole host of features that make it versatile and powerful for a wide variety of styles—but of course, it’ll be instantly at home among producers of rhythmically intricate electronic genres. Fans of LSDJ, Renoise, or other classic trackers will rejoice with the workflow that combines time-tested techniques with new and exciting engines. The interface is inviting with a large clear screen and full-sized interface encoder.

There are seven different sample playback types: one-shot, forward loop, backward loop, ping pong (back and forth looping), slice, wavetable, and granular synthesizer. Samples can be recorded onto the Tracker in 16-bit/44.1kHz quality. Use the mic or line inputs, pattern selection, or even the built-in FM radio. Tune the FM radio to a static channel for crunchy noise or sample the latest trap hit and turn that into a whole track. Samples can also be loaded and saved to a microSD card, allowing for another dimension of sampling.

  • Ends December 29, 2021
  • Open to Worldwide
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