Sunshine Jewelry Giveaway

Sunshine Jewelry Giveaway
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Win a Pair of Blue Topaz Earrings! (Value at $899.00)

Today in the VIP room we are launching the first of many SunSHINE Jewelry Giveaways! The theme of these jewelry giveaways is sunshine and happiness. We want to spread the joy by continuing to giveaway beautiful authentic Effy jewelry.

Blue topaz symbolizes eternal love and friendship, clarity of feelings, and honesty. Gifting blue topaz to somebody signals a deep appreciation and love for them!

This beautiful pair of blue topaz earrings is priced at $899! The beautiful dangly earrings would match nicely with just about any color you wear and is guaranteed to bring out the sparkle in your smile. The light blue color is breathtaking and each earring is lined with a twisted 18K gold pattern.

  • Ends August 23, 2021
  • Open to Canada, USA
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