Tall Tails Comfort Blanket Giveaway

Tall Tails Comfort Blanket Giveaway
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Summer is busy for everypawdy, but summer after spending a year+ at home on the couch? We bet you have some activities planned. Even if doggo’s down to hound on road trips, park days, and resto patios, anything outside of the norm can claws a jolt of unpredictability. A dog’s blanket provides a great deal of comfort both in and out of the home.

So we’re givin’ away 10 Tall Tails blankets for all your summer adventures! 10 random winners can pick their favorite 30″ x 40″ blanket style (take a peek). Each blanket is a $33 value and is designed for:

Natural Nesting: Dogs find comfort in places they associate with the cosiness of a den. They can paw, nuzzle, and rearrange a blanket to create a comfortable nest.

Portable Comfort: Traveling and unfamiliar places are stressful for dogs. A favourite blanket, with the familiar scents of their home and humans, provides comfort and security to pups on the go.

Easy Care: Blankets are the perfect bedroom accessory, and easier to wash than dog beds. No need to stress when morning pup cups on the road get a little out of control.

Tall Tails has made it their mission to create beds, blankets, and throws that are the epitome of comfort. They’ve been helpin’ babies and pets stay comfortable and safe since 1933. Use code NORA25 for 25% off at Talltailsdog.com

  • Ends August 01, 2021
  • Open to Canada, USA
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