Thuros T1 Tabletop Camping Grill Giveaway

Thuros T1 Tabletop Camping Grill Giveaway
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The THÜROS T1 is the ideal compact barbecue for grilling at home in the garden, at a picnic or on the go. Due to its unique construction, it can be put on any surface. The four corner protectors of the bottom protect even sensitive surfaces underneath from scratches and give the BBQ stability. The bottom of the grill is also designed to prevent too much heat underneath. In addition, the grill is certified by the German TÜV which ensures a low temperature under the grill.

The BBQ is made of high-quality, antimagnetic stainless steel and is therefore highly durable. The cooking grate is produced using electropolished, food safe stainless steel and provides a cooking area of 30 cm x 30 cm. Even though the T1 has a compact size, it can be extended with a wide range of accessories. Depending on the individual needs, it can be equipped for direct or indirect barbecuing, for smoking or with a rotisserie set. Without any attachment, the barbecue has a height of 17 cm.

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