3x BTS Merch Prize Pack Giveaway

3x BTS Merch Prize Pack Giveaway
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@vhktrades is running an Instagram BTS Giveaway.

The first winner: BTS Memories of 2020 Bluray and OT7 postcards + freebies
The second winner: BTS Butter set (cream and peach) with all inclusions except photocard, will include random message cards + freebies
The third winner: gel pens, cards and envelopes, washi tape, BTS poster, and polaroids + freebies

Aaah this is so exciting!! I’ve never done a giveaway before and it’s been long overdue! this ga is a compilation of celebrating my anniversary of starting this account + hitting 1k (like 3 months ago lol) + me and Hobi’s birthday month. First and foremost, thank u so so much to those who have interacted with me, traded with me, and help my collection grow or joined any of my go’s, ur trust and support mean so much to me! to the friends I’ve made on here, I so appreciate u all! ♡

  • Ends February 26, 2022
  • Open to USA
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