BTS Love Yourself: Answer Ver F Album Giveaway

BTS Love Yourself: Answer Ver F Album Giveaway
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Enter this giveaway for a chance to win a BTS Love Yourself: Answer Ver “F” Official Album from @ggukiivverse in this worldwide BTS giveaway!

First unveiled in March of 2016, the BTS LOVE YOURSELF series creates a narrative by linking the key songs in each album into a single theme, imparting the message that “loving yourself is true love”. Like a well-written novel having an introduction, development, twists, and conclusion it shared a compelling story for two and a half years.

‘ANSWER’ is the final piece of the puzzle. Though it’s a repackaged album, LOVE YOURSELF 結 ‘ANSWER’ still includes seven brand-new tracks. CD A is a concept album, its sixteen tracks are all connected lyrically to highlight BTS’ prowess as both artists and storytellers.

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