Dunu X Zeos SA6 Ultra Giveaway

Dunu X Zeos SA6 Ultra Giveaway
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Arguably the most interesting physical feature of DUNU Studio SA6 is its stabilized wood faceplates. Not only do they look great but they make every earpiece truly unique. The shell bodies are made from hand-poured German resin and are immaculate in their construction.

Internally, the SA6 houses 6 Knowles balanced armature drivers and a 3-way crossover. In an unusual twist, these shells are actually smaller than the DUNU Studio SA3 which only has 3 BA drivers per side. The SA6 has a 3-bore nozzle. Although it looks rather short, it has a lip that holds eartips securely in place and the insertion depth is actually quite deep due to the shape and fit of the shells.

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