Duo Universal In-Ear Earbud Giveaway

Duo Universal In-Ear Earbud Giveaway
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We’re feeling generous and want to give away one Duo Universal In-Ear Monitor to a lucky viewer.

We are 64 Audio, a leading manufacturer of world-class In-Ear Monitors. Over the years we’ve been encouraging our customers to try our products with their favorite games, for a variety of reasons.

As sound design continues to improve in the gaming industry, the demand for an adequate listening medium grows with it.

Our In-Ear Monitors immerse you in a fully spatial, 3D audio space that provide a level of clarity that has been known to give an edge over the competition, as well as a truly incredible cinematic experience during solo campaigns.

The same level of detail that is required by A-list artists, as well as top level audio engineers.

The Prize For One Lucky Viewer: Our two-driver hybrid IEM, Duo. More entries, more chance to win!

  • Ends June 05, 2022
  • Open to Worldwide
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