Hailie’s Mint 400 Helmet Giveaway

Hailie’s Mint 400 Helmet Giveaway
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On a blustery February afternoon at a secret Southern California desert location, Hailie Deegan and her 2022 Mint 400 machine came together for the first time.
Powered by a 6.2 liter V8 engine, the Unlimited Truck SPEC class at the Mint 400 is one of the fastest vehicles in the desert. With 525 horsepower, 24” front suspension travel in the front, and 30″ in the rear, these trucks eat bumps the size of refrigerators for hours on end. With some brief coaching from Chuck Dempsey of truck builders Brenthel Industries, she was quickly up to speed running multiple laps of the several-mile-long test loop.

After her first drive in the truck, Hailie remarked “This might be the most fun I’ve ever had driving anything!”. Although shrouded in camouflage graphics for the clandestine testing session, the exclusive Method Race Wheels race livery for her Mint 400 debut will be revealed in the weeks leading up to the festivities in Las Vegas.

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