Linsoul x 7HZ x Crinacle Salnotes Dioko Giveaway

Linsoul x 7HZ x Crinacle Salnotes Dioko Giveaway
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To celebrate this product release, as well as to congratulate Crinacle for reaching 110k subscribers on his new YouTube channel, Linsoul Audio is doing a Giveaway for the latest 7Hz x Crinacle: Salnotes Dioko Planar IEM!

An affordable and powerful performer, the 7HZ Salnotes Dioko earphone features a newly developed 14.6mm dual-cavity planar diaphragm driver. This planar magnetic diaphragm has been modelled and engineered to utilize the most efficient magnetic circuit structure and ribbon distribution for a uniform sound. The speed of the planar magnetic diaphragm driver provides a true audiophile sound character and gives you outstanding clarity and detail in every note. The large 14.6mm diaphragm size further increases the surface area for reduced harmonic distortion, meaning you can have higher audio resolution across all volume levels.

  • Ends July 17, 2022
  • Open to Worldwide
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