Saint Richard Parker Book Giveaway

Saint Richard Parker Book Giveaway
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Book Giveaway For Saint Richard Parker: His search for love and enlightenment across India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia

For fans and critics of Eat, Pray, Love.
Ace businessman, writer, and investigative journalist Richard Parker loses his job when he exposes the vegetarian CEO of his newspaper as a beef exporter. Accused of misconduct and forced to dissolve his company, he retreats to his wretched little village.

Attempting to resuscitate his life, Richard realizes that attaining enlightenment is his calling. What holds him back?

Well, he does not know if spirituality or sexuality comes first. He must also avoid the attentions of Isakki, the dark witch, and her menacing buffaloes. Desperate and confused, Richard consults an astrologer, who predicts that his destiny lies in the exotic East.

Richard sets out on a spiritual journey—an odyssey of self-discovery that takes him through the market streets, ballrooms, tantric retreats, and pristine jungles of Southeast Asia. Between running for his life and trying to prove he is not a con artist, child snatcher, or Man Friday material, Richard discovers his true love—in the least expected place. And yes, he also discovers the path to enlightenment.

Saint Richard Parker is a humorous travel adventure across the famed spiritual and romantic region of Southeast Asia, with an ensemble of unforgettable characters and a keen eye for the absurdities of modern life.

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